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What we're about

At SmartThink we are committed to provide our clients with the strategies, insights and branding that lead to ultimate marketplace success.

At SmartThink we fuse strategic thinking with marketing savvy to yield unparalleled solutions to tough marketplace challenges. Why SmartThink?


"SmartThink is a master at asking the questions that others shy away from. They seek the answers that help companies develop marketing plans that can positively effect key targets for years to come. ."

Steven Bacon, CEO
BlaCon Media

Our team

  • Yolanda Lynch

    Senior Partner

    Yolanda has had a vision for a different kind of strategy and research company for quite some time. . more

  • Kim Auslen

    Partner and Senior Analyst

    Kim has over 20 years of experience in the world of packaged goods, telecommunications and high tech. more

  • Greg Head


    Greg has over 20 years of strategic consulting and market research experience. more

  • Elizabeth Guerrero Sandstrom

    Senior Research Associate

    Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience teaching and interpreting the language of Spanish. more