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Kim AuslenYolanda Lynch is the founder and senior partner with SmartThink Insights & Strategy. I have had a vision for a different kind of strategy and research company for quite some time.  Given the dynamic changes that have taken place in the marketplace, this seems like the perfect opportunity to create from the ground up a marketing strategy and research agency that is small and nimble, but with a global perspective.  We have the necessary resources but we also offer a value proposition that facilitates growth for our clients as well as growth for our agency.

We believe in working harder to earn our clients’ business while building trust and respect.  We have a work ethic that we must prove ourselves each and every day. We also believe that we must also stretch ourselves as we often ask our clients to stretch.

We see the world differently and attempt to take a world view even though many of our assignments focus on a specific geography, market, or industry.  Our agency hires experts who bring a diversity of thought and experience to a multicultural marketplace. They cross boundaries and borders.

While we are born of a new movement our goal is to also create new movements by doing the heavy lifting necessary to help loft our clients’ brands to new heights.

Kim AuslenKim Auslen is also a partner and senior analyst with SmartThink Insights & Strategy. With over twenty years of experience in the world of packaged goods, telecommunications and high tech, Kim comes from a solid research background. She has completed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies routinely handling multi-million dollar projects.

Prior to joining SMart Think as a partner in 2001, she was a former research director and strategic planner, Kim has worked within Burke Marketing Research, Coors Brewing Company, Foote, Cone and Belding Advertising, as well as MediaOne Broadband guiding both internal and external clients through the strategic development process.

Her extensive experience shaping the strategies and images of many emerging and mature brands in a breadth of categories has made her a sought after consultant across the country.




Greg Head

Greg Head is a partner at SmartThink. Greg has over 20 years of strategic consulting and market research experience. As a marketing professional, Greg has a broad array of experiences with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies, helping them produce award-winning creative, launch successful new products and revitalize older brands. His work in the field has also been recognized by his peers as he has previously won the Coors Innovation Award, the American Marketing Association AMY Award 2000, and the Turner Broadcast System Marketing Science Award 2007. His insights have been instrumental in two clients receiving Golden Effies for their ads. He is also a holder of a patent for his work in New Product Development.

While SmartThink is an integrated marketing strategy and research consultancy, Greg’s passion started with building new brands. Long before the internet was a commonplace marketing vehicle, Greg’s new product team was using the internet in the 90’s to attract trend-setters and early adopters.

As a result of his expertise and passion, Greg has been frequently called upon to lecture and share his experiences with others. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Morehouse College. He has completed further graduate studies at the University of Denver and Regis University. He also holds certificates in New Product Development from the Harvard Business School and Business Development from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Elizabeth Guerrero Sandstrom

Elizabeth Guerrero Sandstrom
is a senior research associate with SmartThink. She brings with her over a dozen years of experience moderating, teaching and interpreting Spanish and Hispanic culture.

Elizabeth attended the University of Delaware where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration along with a minor in International Business. She also completed the Translation & Interpretation Program at Georgia State University. Subsequently, she completed her Masters of Science degree in Spanish language.

In addition to moderating, Elizabeth is a translator accredited by the Atlanta Association of Interpreters &Translators (AAIT). She is also fluent in conversational French. As an instructor, you can find her teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language to business professionals.

With roots in the Dominican Republic, Elizabeth enjoys the arts and teaching others the beauty of her native language.