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BulletBranding provides direction, purpose and meaning for a product or service. It is central to the strategic vision and the driver of all associations the public has with that product or service.

      - In essence, it is the heart and soul of the brand.

BulletFor customers, branding plays two important roles:

      - In a world with lots of choices, it tells them which choice is right. It serves as a customer’s compass out of the chaos of competing choices. “What’s best for me?”

      - In a world full of change and confusion, it helps them define who they are — it gives them a badge. Good Mother, Smart Salesman, Cool Teenager.

Bullet“Brands are all about how consumers position themselves. Powerful brands succeed by establishing a relationship, a connection, with their customers. To establish that connection — to earn a place in their world — a brand must know its customers and become a part of how customers want to see themselves.”

BulletThis is branding.