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Strategic Consulting

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Strategic Consulting

BulletWinning in business is the result of having the right strategy and implementing it better than the competition. Most strategists only focus on the first part. Because of our broad experiences in a multitude of categories, SmartThink knows that great strategy is not only derived from great insight but also from industry knowledge and having sharp consulting skills.

BulletAt SmartThink, we deliver marketplace success for our clients. Developing good strategy takes a combination of industry knowledge, consulting skills, and the willingness to do hours of painstakingly focused research. As consultants we attempt to blend both insight and industry understanding to create actionable solutions.

BulletSome firms have industry experience; others have consulting skills; and still others are willing to do the research. Having the unique combination of all three skills is what allows SmartThink to develop leading-edge business strategies.

BulletThe consulting process is often over-looked but astonishingly important for brand wins.

Brand Planning

BulletOne of the services that we offer some of our emerging clients is that we can act as their brand planning function while they grow into it. Given our expertise and experience, SmartThink has the know-how to Lead the integrated insights and strategic planning functions in a way consistent with the agency’s goal of having a strong analytical foundation to uncover:

     - fresh and innovative insights/business opportunities
     - inspiring creative ideas.

BulletWe have partner with creative and account management peers to develop disruptive ideas at all points of customer contact.

BulletSmartThink can orchestrate all brand planning, strategic planning and analytical activity for key accounts within the agency. Ensure all deliverables required from the group, internally and externally, are met in an efficient and timely manner. Identify opportunities to constantly improve the quality of thinking applied to client business.

BulletSmartThink has successfully supported new business activity with an amazing hit rate.

Brand Planning