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Providing leading business services

  • Strategy & Account Planning

    Air, water, strategic thinking…Strategic thinking is a core competency at SmartThink. It is what we do everyday.

  • Actionable Quantitative Research

    Understanding the consumer is at the center of all our efforts. It is our passion point.

  • Innovative Qualitative Research

    Insights are the building blocks of great strategy. It is where we started over a decade ago.

  • Branding & New Product Development

    Innovation and fresh thinking fuel us. It also drives differentiation and shareholder value in a crowded marketplace.

Our services

  • At SmartThink we love to engage in conversations. We learn so much this way. We’ve learned that meaningful conversations can be had via online forums, Skype-like portals, tweets, texts, email, phone calls or just plain ole face to face dialogue. Different platforms for different occasions or moods. Knowing which is most appropriate for that moment is key.

  • iPad.