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Why SmartThink?

Business-Building Background

- SmartThink has always focused on making sure that branding and strategy are attached to sound business fundamentals.

- It has always been our belief that understanding the insights that create the building blocks of business development is an essential part of being a successful strategist.

Brand Management Background

- The senior management of SmartThink comes from the worlds of brand management and new product development as well as advertising and research. We understand the issues that face senior level management, in part, because we have been there.

- Our understanding of creating long-term, sustainable growth for a brand goes beyond creative executions and incorporates an integrated approach to marketing that ensures the health of your brand.

Analytical Acumen

- While we understand that research is only a tool in the process of uncovering answers and insights, we are not a team that merely suggests different research approaches for the sake of doing something different. Our team has had experience designing, managing, implementing, and analyzing innovative research studies customized for the specific needs of a breadth of clients.

Independent while also a Partner

- SmartThink understands that sometimes there are differences of opinion between agency and client. We stand with our clients acting independently to ensure that the analyses and insights that go into developing solid strategy are derived without bias.